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Despite restrictions being lifted by most jurisdictions concerning the Coronavirus, JTMS-Houston continues to be hindered as many of the measures that allow the reopening of businesses are nearly impossible to implement regarding our basic activities, such as the nature of how we conduct instruction & training, especially as it pertains to PRIVATE LESSONS. Please bear with us during these difficult times as we plan on getting back to normal operations as quickly as it's humanly possible.

Thank You for your patience & understanding. We hope all of our supporters or anyone that’s reading this now, is safe and healthy, and blessings upon those who are not.


As one of the best martial arts currently available, Kuk Sool covers the entire realm of traditional Asian techniques in regards to body conditioning, mental development, self-defense and combat fighting arts, including traditional weapons training.

Furthermore, while achieving good health and physical fitness is consistent throughout, the advanced levels in Kuk Sool are not focused solely on the physical methods of attack and defense but also with the study of healing techniques and the development of internal power. Training in Kuk Sool also helps to instill confidence, self-discipline, calmness under pressure, and other psychological strengths which are usually associated with the character of a martial artist.

Unlike more common styles of martial arts such as Karate or Taekwondo, Kuk Sool is not limited to just punching & kicking, but takes a systematic approach in studying the entire spectrum of Korean martial arts, including joint locks, pressure points, as well as various weaponry. Its vast scope incorporates many aspects of traditional martial arts while its unique curriculum is extremely well-organized, thus making the extensive & rather complex knowledge base of the system seem easier to learn. Hence, you will find that Kuk Sool is perfect for anyone of any age or gender, especially for those with different goals, needs, or any physical limitations.

I'm glad that you came to visit this website and now invite you to take a brief moment and explore all that we have to offer.

Chief Master  —  Dickson Kunz

Chong Kwan Jang Nim  —  총관장님
9th Degree Black Belt

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